How Employment Lawyers Can Help You At Work

employment lawyer new yorkThere are a number of ways employment lawyers in New York can help you with respect to labor and employment law:

  • discrimination – there are a variety of different areas you may have been discriminated against, eg. sex, age, race, disability, religiion, etc.
  • workplace harassment – again this can take many different forms, most commonly sexual harassment, but also bullying and physical, verbal and non-verbal harassment.
  • wage claims – such as misclassifications, withheld payments, non-payment of overtime, etc.
  • dispute resolution for grievances and arbitration
  • representation for whistleblowers to defend your rights if you have reported wrongdoing by your employer
  • representation for businesses if you are the employer.

If you have any concerns that your rights at work have not been properly protected or you feel that you have not been properly treated in the workplace, please do not remain silent. There are plenty of good employment lawyers to help you out and ensure that your employment rights are protected.

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